Drive 2011 Movie Review and Trailer

February 9, 2012 in Action & Adventure

In the 2011 film Drive, Danish director Nicolas Winding Refn brilliantly delivered a story of an emotionless loner nameless driver played by Ryan Gosling.  This is a neo-noir style movie paying homage to harsh character studies such as Taxi Driver and other violence filled and high speed Hollywood movies.  Refn, no stranger to blood and violence, keeps true to his roots by making this movie gory, harsh, mysterious and exciting.

Gosling embodies the loner and psychologically damaged driver that works at a garage and as a stunt driver by day but becomes the getaway for criminals by night.  He lives a very simple and quite life in L.A. which adds mystery as to why he does this type of job.  However, as the story goes on you start to see how dark and how fine of a line he walks between good and evil.  His good friend Shannon (Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston) owns the garage where the driver works and tries to become a race car owner with the help of local mobsters.

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The driver seems emotionally detached from everything other than becoming one with the car that is until he comes across Irene (played by Cary Mulligan) and her little boy Benicio.  He increasingly grows fond of them and begins to develop a plutonic love with Irene.  But progress comes to a screeching halt when Irene’s husband comes out of prison.  As the driver seems about to go back into his lone shell, he realises that Irene’s convict husband has brought old beefs and debts from prison with him.  These foes threaten the lives of Irene and Benicio, which sends the driver over the edge who in part offers his help.  This off course is when things go wrong in true Hollywood thriller style.

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When put against the wall with all on the line, we see the true dark and psycho side of the driver.  We see how he is not your conventional hero as he is not necessarily a “good guy” but instead lives in a delusional reality.  At one of the scenes we can see the drivers thirst for Irene’s love followed by a brutal encounter with one of his enemies where he squashes the individual’s head like a watermelon.

The style in which this movie is shot makes references to Hollywood high speed crime capers of the 80’s by using some of the classic L.A. surroundings, music, and neon writing while bringing a new and fresh style of violence to the table.  The acting for some of the stars, such as Ryan Gosling and Bryan Cranston, is strong as the play unlikely characters we are not used to seeing them play.  Other performances such as Ron Perlman’s local mobster Nino falls short from the potential of character development.  Despite some of it shortcomings, the movie is a solid offering by Refn that claims one of the top spots among other movies out in recent times.

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